Adoption process

The first step in our adoption process is to fill out the adoption application by clicking the link below. Once the application has been submitted and approved, we will forward your application to the pet’s foster family. The foster family will contact you directly to set up a convenient time for you to meet the munchkin you are applying for. After you have met your potential new companion, and are still interested in continuing in the adoption process, a time will be set to pick up your new baby, which also gives you the chance to ask any questions or concerns you may have. You will be asked to bring along the pet’s cage or enclosure where he or she will be kept to make sure it is the right type and big enough for the pet you’re taking home. You will also be provided with a pet care list and recommendations for cages, food, and toys. The adoption process can take anywhere from a few days to a week. Please be patient with us during this time. We are run entirely by devoted animal lovers who selflessly volunteer their time to help homeless animals find their forever families. Adopting any animal is a long term commitment! Take time and consideration of all their needs before making a commitment to be a forever home.

We ask for an adoption fee of $5 for mice,  and $10 for hammies and rats. The adoption fee includes any vetting the munchkin may need and their care, and supplies they need while with us. Our munchkins stay with us until they find their forever family- sometimes with us 3-6 months or more!

Please remember if you are adopting an animal and have children, you are responsible for the animals’ care. Teaching kids to be responsible by showing from example is great!

Find our adoption application below by clicking the link.

Thank you for choosing to adopt, not shop

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