Become a foster parent

First, thank you for wanting to help! Second, fill out the foster application located below. We will send you a care guide for the munchkin you wish to help. Once your application is processed and approved, we will contact you to set up a meeting with your new foster baby.

Fostering any animal is a serious commitment of resources including time, emotional energy and finances, until that animal is adopted.  Foster parents will be responsible for supplies, food, cleaning cages, and spending time socializing with the pet. Supplies may be provided if we have extra, though that is a rare occurance. Starter bags of food are provided. Loving Spirit Hamster Rescue takes care of veterinary needs if a health issue arises.

If you feel you are not ready to be a foster parent, there are many other ways to help! Please share our link with family, friends, coworkers and anyone who might be interesting in helping through fostering, adopting, or donating resources, which is now tax-deductible. Donating supplies, litter, food, or cages is also a small way to help that really helps us out.


Thank you from the bottom of our little hearts !

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