We are always in need of supplies, food, litter, and cages! The brands listed are what we use and are what we suggest for optimal care. Expand the sections to find out more:


  • Supreme Hazel Hamster – available online- amazon, and in petstores
  • Oxbow healthy handfuls for hamsters *
  • Harlan 8640 food and Harlan 2018, found on , or other online retailers. Also known as “Native earth 4018” found on and -**currently we are stocked for Harlan, but could still use some Oxbow Handfuls for Hamsters**-


  • Kaytee Clean and Cozy Unscented- found on amazon,, and petstores. This has been the best paper based bedding we have found, but any paper bedding would be safe!
  • Unscented Seventh Generation toilet paper


  • Toilet paper and paper towel tubes
  • Plastic igloos- small and medium sizes
  • Ceramic bowls- small and medium sizes
  • 6.5 inch Silent Spinner Wheels – and also 8 inch Comfort or Wodent Wheels * *
  • 8 oz water bottles with metal hanger * *
  • Hammocks and sleeping cubes
  • “My first pet rat” cages and “Bin cages” which can be made from walmart bins for those of you who are crafty! *


  • White paper towels **
** Indicate things especially needed

  Please send your donations to the following address:

Loving Spirit Hamster Rescue
P.O. Box 685
Bensalem, Pa 19020


Thank you for thinking of the small ones!