Do you only take in hamsters?

We concentrate on hamsters, but take in other small rodent friends on an emergency need basis.

Where do the hamsters come from?

Every ham comes from a different situation- some are from overcrowded shelters, some are owner surrenders, and yet others find their way to us by being sold a pregnant hamster (why we do not support pet stores who sell animals) and the family not knowing what to do with all of the babies.

I didn’t know hamster rescues existed! Why do hamsters need help?

Hamsters are often dumped in shelters, and seen as ‘just a rodent’ – often not getting the care they need. Often hamsters are not given the same love, attention, or vet care as dogs and cats, and are forgotten, labeled as just a children’s pet. Each has their own personality, and are much more than ‘just’ a hamster!

Why can’t hamsters live together? I see them in pet stores together?

A number of times we have taken hams with missing eyes, ears, or other bite wounds from being kept together in a store. Hamsters are very territorial and must live separately, unlike other rodents such as rats and gerbils. Even sibling hamsters will eventually (usually around 6-8 weeks) turn on each other. 


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