About us

Welcome to Loving Spirit Hamster Rescue, Inc.! We are a network of foster homes, ranging from Central NJ to South NJ and Philadelphia, while also assisting the tri state area. Currently we exist only of gracious animal lovers who foster the mini munchkins until they are adopted, no matter how long that takes. Our munchkins come from kill shelters, abandoned animals at pet stores, and sometimes the public who can no longer keep their pets. Smaller animals are too often forgotten and dumped off to someone or someplace else- we specialize in socializing these animals in order to find their forever home. Most of our mini munchkins are hammies, but sometimes other critters find their way to us as well. We offer one on one time and socialization which means we only care for a few munchkins at a time. This means we are always looking for foster homes from other dedicated animal lovers who want to lend a helping hand. Our goal is to take the small munchkins in when no one else wants them, give them love and socialization, and find them loving forever homes. background