Thinking of surrendering an animal?

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In most cases, allergic reactions are a result of the hay or bedding being used for your munchkin. Were you using pine, cedar, or aspen (NEVER use pine or cedar, regardless of allergies!) ? Those are very dusty materials and many people are allergic, including me! Try Carefresh, Sweet Dreamzzz, or Kaytee Softee bedding. Many people also use fleece lined bedding with great success. It has an absorbable layer in the middle. You can shake the fleece out, toss it in the wash, and use it over and over.

Lost interest

Has your child lost interest? Teach your children that animals are not disposable objects. If they lost interest, make it into a fun game by providing rewards. Owning a pet is a way to teach responsibility, and learn to be a great pet parent from an early age.


You’re moving? Don’t forget your pets are part of the family too! There are so many pet-friendly places available, as well as even asking landlords if a caged animal is allowed- some will not mind a caged animal like hamster, rat, bird, etc. Wherever you’re moving to, google “Pet-friendly places to live in X” – there’s more than you think.
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